The Law Firm of Karin Bergener Ltd. provides legal advice focused around commercial relationships with customers and suppliers, general in-house legal counsel, and corporate policies and procedures.


Customer & Vendor Relationships

  • Negotiating and managing contracting processes and long-term commercial relationships
  • Leading teams through performance conflicts
  • Guiding Governance Processes
  • Facilitating Responses to Dissatisfied Customers
  • Advising on Supplier Discipline
  • Coaching procurement and contracting staff on negotiations and drafting

General In-house Counsel Services

  • Advising on compliance in a variety of areas, including human resources, environmental, and commercial transactions
  • Developing Meaningful Policies & Procedures
  • Providing surge assistance to in-house legal departments
  • Mediating disputes between customers and suppliers


Karin Bergener has deep experience with  information technology projects & transactions, and outsourcing.  She has worked globally with clients in steel, consumer products, food manufacturing,  information technology and logistics outsourcing, oil & gas, state & local government, auto manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals.  Karin is particularly known for her ability to work flexibly with a variety of clients, and to apply best practices across industries and cultures.


  • Early-stage businesses that desire in-house counsel on a part-time basis
  • Established businesses needing to bring functions into greater compliance or build form libraries and standard transaction practices.
  • In-house legal departments needing extra support for special projects, especially mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures.


Legal services tend to be offered in an all or nothing approach.  In-house counsel are hired on full-time employee bases or outside firms bill hourly rates, with the rates determined based on which attorney is engaged, rather than the nature of the work performed.

This doesn’t allow smaller organizations to obtain the advantages of in-house counsel – reduced costs, legal advice that works hand in hand with business goals – until typically they are $100M or more in size, at which point many opportunities have been missed. Smaller, growing companies know that having legal counsel as a team member is valuable, but cannot justify a full-time attorney, based on cost or workload.  The Law Firm of Karin Bergener Ltd. offers part-time retained legal services which bridge this early-stage need for legal services.

Larger organizations, with their own in-house counsel, often find that extra projects stretch their own counsel too thin, but are prohibitively expensive with traditional hourly based rate structures.  The Law Firm of Karin Bergener Ltd. will work to provide services on a basis that meets in-house legal functions’ budgetary needs and relieves the workload created by special projects.


You can reach the Firm at or by calling 330-298-0065

Location:  Northeast Ohio, USA